The trading house “AquaTrade” is one of the largest/leading distribution companies in Moldova.
One of the most important objectives of “AquaTrade” is the continuous improvement of the system of direct sales which has been created by the company.
The trading house “AquaTrade” includes 6 territorial branches and 17 distribution branches.
The main branches are located in Chișinău and Bălți, and the other branches are situated in large towns of Republica Moldova și Transnistria.
The location of the branches makes it possible to efficiently provide the logistic service for all sales outlets in Moldova.
The total warehouse area is more than 10 thousand square meters.
35 units of linehaul heavy-duty trucks operate in order to ensure the activity of the branches.
65 trucks more provide service to sales outlets, each truck having 5-8 tons capacity. 90% of linehaul and local transport are Mercedes Benz vans and trucks.
Special attention has been given to the network retail, aiming at the most efficient representantion of the brands and conducting the trade-marketing events, being also interesting for the final consumer.
With all represented brands, the distribution of “AquaTrade” covers 100% of the network retail segment.
The traditional retail which includes the segments of retail and HoReCa in Moldova, has today 10 thousand sales outlets.
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