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Familia fericită

About Brand

Familia Fericită is the most accesible and efficient solution of iodine deficit issue.
Each member of your family is sure to like the well balanced taste, as for hearth keepers, they will be able to use Familia Fericită to cook home dishes and hot drinks. This is because the water keeps its useful properties even when it is boiled.
Familia Fericită contains an optimal quantity of iodine – 50-80 мcg/l.

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Delivery Advantages

Imagine that you want to relax and have a cup of hot fragrant tea in your favorite armchair. Or, maybe, you are going to cook dinner for your beloved whom you already miss by the end of the day. Or you may simply want to have a drink but there is no water left at a most unsuitable moment.
Forget about the problem of lack of drinking water. Simply dial 14200 and we will deliver you the water FOR FREE!
Delivery Advantages
2.Saving time
3.Saving money

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