Gura Căinarului


About Brand

The water in each bottle of Gura Căinarului is a small part of the natural spring. Every drop of water you take brings you closer to the life that fills you with energy and the power of natural creation. We neither modify nor interfere in the creation of this product and bring it to you in its primordial state. Gura Căinarului has its unique taste. And it was nature that created it. Remember it! Remember the spring, the coolness, the touch of this life-giving strength. It is the taste of health, childhood and joy.

•The natural spring is in the eco-friendly zone of the village Gura Căinarului, in the North of Moldova.
•The spring is 150 meters deep. The water in the spring originates in deep lakes. Passing through natural fibers, the water gets filled with minerals and trace elements.
•A balanced natural composition. The temperature remains constant, 11 degrees, throughout the whole year. This speaks of the high quality of water and invariability of taste.